You're awesome and you care about NDSU and its mission.  The more you share, the more you will help drive gifts and make NDSU Giving Day a huge success!


NDSU Giving Day is a 24-hour, online campaign that drives real-time conversation and inspires giving in support of NDSU and NDSU students. NDSU’s Giving Day will bring us closer to our alumni, parents, friends, and the larger community via their chosen, trusted and frequented digital spaces.


 Your Help is Needed to:

  • Engage digital communities to raise awareness and build excitement for a successful NDSU Giving Day.
  • Increase participation of all our constituencies: alumni, students, parents and all other NDSU supporters.
  • Foster the giving spirit by sharing personal messages about experiences and opportunities created at NDSU.
  • Promote and monitor matches and challenges that increase overall donations on Giving Day. Reach out to your network and help make each match and challenge a success by maxing donor dollars.
  • Encourage others to become ambassadors.


NDSU Giving Day Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Before – Promote event on social media platforms to build anticipation and excitement.
  • On – Motivate participation with the objective of inspiring donations and conversation.
  • After – Thank donors with messages of the impact their gift had on Giving Day.


How to be Successful as an NDSU Giving Day Ambassador

  • Use sample messages* and graphics* before, during and after Giving Day which will build public awareness and excitement and initiate greater participation.
  • Share personal messages about NDSU’s important contribution to your personal growth and quality of life. NDSU stories inspire philanthropic support, so always include an encouragement to donate.
  • Refer to event as NDSU Giving Day in all references using exact wording, spacing and capitalization.
  • Promote URL in your Giving Day communications.
  • #Give2NDSU is our official hashtag. When sharing use exactly as shown.
  • Leverage content on official Foundation social media accounts to enhance your postings.


*Sample messages and graphics can be found in your NDSU Giving Day Ambassador account. Look under Ambassador Images and Documents.


Ambassador Challenges


Most Dollars Raised – Ambassador Challenge

This leaderboard recognizes Giving Day ambassadors who raise the most money through their Giving Day fundraising link. The ambassador who raises the most will receive $500 to donate to an NDSU fund of their choosing and the 2nd and 3rd highest will each receive $250 to donate to the NDSU fund they choose. NOTE: NDSU Foundation staff are not eligible for these challenges.


Ambassador Donor Challenge

This leaderboard recognizes the Giving Day ambassador who recruits the most UNIQUE donors through their Giving Day fundraising link. The top ambassador will receive $500 to donate to an existing NDSU fund of their choice. NOTE: NDSU Foundation staff are not eligible for these challenges.


Giving Day Ambassador Training Session