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Office of Research and Creative Activity

The Transformative Research Leaders Fund 

Research at NDSU comes in many forms and the scientists at NDSU have been responsible for helping people across the world in all sorts of ways like living healthier lifestyles and fighting diseases; feeding the world by growing crops better and creating new ones; conserving our natural resources; making it safer to do business on computing systems; building amazing structures; and more. We are one of only 146 Carnegie R1 level institutions in the nation – the highest ranking available. 

The only limit to the accomplishments our NDSU researchers can achieve is time. Generating new knowledge, designing ways to test ideas in real time, going back to the drawing board if an idea doesn’t work, and writing up results if it does work – it all takes time – which comes at a high premium. When you consider all the requirements placed upon today's university professors, time for research competes with so many other aspects of their jobs. 

Through your philanthropic support of the Office of Research and Creative Activity’s selected Growth Fund, we will impact the collective research potential of the university. The support will jumpstart the Transformative Research Leadership Fund to give our researchers the time they need to fully develop their skills and to practice their craft and ensure that NDSU remains a research powerhouse and a true economic engine for our region. 

Pease help us give our researchers the time they need to fully develop their skills and to practice their craft. 

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Research and Creative Activity Growth Fund

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